Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sugery Done

In the morning, Vito and his baby girl, Totty went with us and spent time with Neil during my time in surgery. They were in the room that we were in before the scooted me to the operating room. Totty was having fun with the curtain that separates the room and the hallway. She was watching all the nurses and telling me what color their scrubs were. She's 3 years old and SO ADORABLE!  One of the nurses/doctor/specialist (not sure) came in with her bright colors on her scrubs and cap, and gave me some relaxing drugs, and put my "party hat" on (it's like a thin paper shower cap) then asked Totty if she wanted one! It was just before they left me so Totty was on Vito's shoulders, but that didn't stop her from getting it! The "party hat" was so big that when she put it on it was swallowing her entire head! God, she was so cute! The ladies also gave her stickers when they came back after the surgery.

After 1 1/2 hours under anastecia  (butchered that spelling) the procedure went well and quickly. Or so the doctor told Neil. Inside the hip-joint was really bad cartilage damage, the doctor had to shave a lot of it down, but it went well he said; he didn't do anything with the ligament because it wasn't damaged as much as he thought and really couldn't help it.

 Today will be spent resting even more (I was sleeping in the hospital bed after the procedure). Staying up for "Warehouse 13" (link) and then I'll probably just pass out. There are only two small incisions on my left hip/leg where they put the probs and camera in. Legs orange from the iodine. What else, what else. Just aside from taking up the day, it was pretty okay.

Thanks everyone for your good thoughts and prayers, I truly believe you helped. I should be recovered in a few days and see the doctor on the first. Life is getting better don't cha think? Knock on wood.
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