Friday, August 27, 2010

Bedridden with Flowers

After a few simple little days, after 3 years mind you, I have experienced a few days without the grind/sharp/achy/burning/killing leg pain inside. There is mild pain from the insictions and brusings from the surgery, but none of the other stuff that would cripple me in nano-seconds. Even family in the house have said I'm walking better!

Now I can work on getting our life back on track. Getting my body healthy (aka loose weight), getting a job, moving out, saving up for a wedding (either to knock your socks off or to barely make a whisper, you'll have to see), and keep on spending my life with the one. So depending on how life goes will determine what order things go in and wither or not they are put on hold for a time. Hopefully god will let things go based on our karma of the past few years will bless us with some good karma and let things go better.

Sims 3 has been my best friend, aside from the family who have been nothing but great, Megan got ice for my bag, Lauren helped me keep the house in order (pets and Megan), Neil was my personal slave, Dave was keeping me in the loop with everything, Dad was talking in and out with encouraging comments, Sammy has been at my feet, upset when I got up, even tried to caral/luring me with his cuteness back into bed, Isabelle was nice, Blackie even let me give few good pats on the head before getting me with his wet nose, and mom and Charlie were out of the house at work/vet/groomers (got his cast off on Wednesday! And is cute all short haired!).

What a wonderful early birthday gift don't'cha think? I'm worried that such a great day will come at a price. Can't take a shower which is the only thing I can think of that has been a major downer the past few nights. If you know me, you'll know that I love taking long warm to hot showers and can't sleep unless I take a shower first. Only after wrapping the bandages with selafan(sp?) and watching where the water splashes can I get a bit of water on me. How I would love to wash my hair, scrub the was-orange-but-now-is-yellow iodine and marker writings off my body, and possibly shave my legs... but the pain is gone! *knock on wood*
My best friend N and her Grandma brought me some flowers (which are lovely!) and ice cream, candy, warm wishes, card, and spent some time with me. Oh how I love them!

I have to say one thing before I end this: Neil knows EXACTLY how I like my socks put on.
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