Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Pics

With Sakura-Con less then a week away, tensions here at the house are high. Mainly because of the flood.  Second because of the coming up attraction Neil and I will be going to, along with our best friend and my soul sister, N. I should really find a new code name for her. How about "Ninja N".... nah. "N.Sward Fighting" ... wow, that's bad too. Come up with any let me know.

Yes I know I know, "WHERE ARE YOUR KNITTING PROJECTS!?" That's what I'm yelling too. Since so much has been going on, all I've been doing is knitting a mindless scarf (no pics) and the last of the baby socks.

From mobile

 Isn't it cute? I did the last of the yellow with the last of the blue. Yah! Just enough for both. Gender neutral? I think so.

I try to take pictures of Sammy because I want some art done of him at the con.

From mobile

As you can tell that is not going to happen. Somehow he knows when I put the phone into camera mode. Don't know how he knows, but he just dose.

Isabelle on the other hand...

From mobile

... loves the camera, and yarn/string.

That's it for now. Trying to figure life out one blog post at a time.
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