Friday, February 01, 2008

What is the real way to say vase?

Why is it so hard to do a blog update? I’ll tell you why! Getting the camera from mom to share with you, dear readers, the beautiful flowers Neil got for me. His reason is because I was down (I was a bit depressed for a bit, not bad but just normal down time). They are beautiful. Simply beautiful. There are three roses (orange with pink tips) in an oval fish type vase with black stones at the bottom. My favorite flower in a beautiful display. I love how they are blooming in the glass vase.

Please someone give me an article, doesn’t even have to be a paragraph, just something to put in the newsletter…. Pewees?

I have been drinking soda TOO much. Too much is more then one every two days… I’ve had about five so far… it’s sick and sad. Very very sad.
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