Monday, February 18, 2008

where is the love?

Last night on our way back from the con meeting in Seattle, we got a flat tire... my first. Needless to say it was dark and cold. Neil and I were freaking out because it was the part of Stevens where the road was coming into one lane and there was a corner. I was freaking out and nearly threw up. Neil was my knight in shinning armor. He took control and let me know what I could do without barking orders or yelling at me. He did it so well. Don't ask me how, but it was rather romantic.

People would speed on past us, but one man stopped his car and got out to help us. There were people that would get right behind us (okay just one) and honk at us to move... OUR FOUR-WAYS WERE ON AND WE WERE MOTIONING OUR ARMS TO GO AROUND!!! How do you not get that? Honestly... But the guy that stopped to help us was so nice and let us barrow a flashlight. Neil changed the tire, and the man just stood there directing traffic a bit. He was really sweet. Then after we started moving (with our four-ways still on) he drove slowly at first to make sure we didn't have anything else wrong.

The ride that should have taken 20 minutes turned out to be about double that... But we got home safe and sound. I didn't sleep well last night though...

So there you go. Aside from that nothing is going on-oh, besides the con restaurant thing, I feel better about it, so I'm going to be calling tomorrow since today is a holiday and the "deadline" is the 20th (I hope). I'm getting more and more organized so that makes me rather happy. Which is good considering the car dealership wont cover the tire... I have to purchase one, if the insurance wont cover it, but we'll see- keep your fingers crossed!!!

Oh yeah- how in the world are we going to tell con goers to go to for registration?! God that's confusing.... Oh well... keep your fingers crossed on that one too please.
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