Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sammy Knits!!!

My Sammy loves my knitting!!!
At first, the hat was odd... I forgot the middle part. See, the directions say to do the brim of the hat, then it goes on to talk about the decrees to the top of the hat... but the directions said nothing but a couple words about the rest of the hat. Between the brim and the top of it.

In case you can't really tell, I did my own little tip of the hat... I attempted to do my own little leaf tip pattern. Yeah, it didn't look too good, but it helped me to find another better one on the Internet!!!

...buuuuuuuut Sammy liked it. He would grab at it when I took it off him or pulled it away.
So there is an actual hat I did. Since the leaf is my "signature" I attempted to interpret a leaf pattern of my own into it... it was sad... very very very sad. When I was finished, I attempted to take the green threads and make it look more like a leaf, but it ended up looking like a square/circle with a line threw it. I tore it out.
But the top of it turned out super cute!!!
This hat is made for a girl at work's kid. He is sooo cute and I wanted to knit a hat finally... I hope that she lets him wear it; we don't get along too well so that hat may or may not have been a good idea.

update on me~ I think my emotional blah-ness has passed. I feel tons better now, with the not so irritated and wanting to deal with anyone (Neil is the exception).

One of my best girlfriends called me yesterday. It was so great to hear her voice and to listen to her laugh. I hadn't realized how much I missed it. I miss her greatly.

It really pissed me off though- she had to call me back, so I had my cell phone in my hands, waiting, and all of a sudden it started beeping. It said I had a voicemail... okay, so I listened to it... it was my said girl friend! She had tried to call me back, but my phone didn't ring!!! I am so upset with my [insert not so nice names here] cell phone it's not even funny. This is not the first time this has happened. I think I need to get a newer phone because 1. my phone has taken a beating just by being mine, and 2. it's "old" in technology terms.
oh yeah- if anyone knows if there is a pattern for a Harry Potter scarf (knit)... I know there is one... it's just finding one!!!
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