Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have come to realize that while people suck, there are not-so-sucky moments with them that kinda make it worth putting up with them. Even though this example isn’t a person that sucks, but someone that I feel that I’ve grown apart from. Not that I want to by any means. She called, wanting to get together with me, so I can meet her other half. Granted I don’t want to do anything lately. Being lazy/female. But I know I must, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m lazy and hurting, plus being over stressed from work.

Another example is one of my other girl friends is over for spring brake (her home) and even though I want to see her, it’s again with the laziness. Though I would love to see a movie with her. Maybe I don’t want to hang out with these two girl friends is because I have nothing of interest to talk about. I work or stay at home stretching (though I have to admit I’m not walking on the treadmill as often as I should/like), do nothing of interest, am fat (not appealing to look upon), can’t party, can’t drink, can’t walk around too much, no spending money, plus the laziness.

Why is it I’m so lazy? No idea. Probably has something to do with working so much. Everyone seems to be sick lately and I’m surprisingly not… very odd if you know me. It’s got to be because of working so much, must be.

The settlement is going along, finally, but nothing in stone yet. Why won’t it just be over?

Well I probably have more to say, but I’ll skedaddle anyways.
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