Thursday, July 03, 2008

Find Sammy!!

Hello readers!

Today I got to hang out with my friend N. She is awesome! She really doesn't think she's as brave as she is, but I hope she finds out how strong she is. We watched "The Other Bolin Girl" from the video store.

Did you know that the video store near here is doing acesta thing? It's where the are closed from noon to like 4pm. it's rather odd... BUT it's ot up to me. Anyways, we went up to it not seeing the hand made sign that said they were closed from that time... LUCKLY Charlie was there and let us in anyways... he's a good guy. We got the DVD and left to go back to her place- we had fun watching it. I have always loved Henry the 8th type related things... don't know why... maybe it's because when I was little I saw this TMC movie about Ann of Bolin. Since then I've always been interested in that era.

Sammy is hiding right now because my step sister is in town... God only knows how long she'll stay this time. I hope this chance dad's giving her actually dose some good. Either way, Sammy doesn't want to talk to her- and I'm being peaty when I say this- I hope he doesn't like her.
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