Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I made some chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips. Yes you read that right. Mom wanted chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips... so I made them. But mom said that they taste funny. Neil said he liked them, but as we all know the boyfriend has to agree with the girlfriend. It made me feel good though.

Here are all the dirty dishes... mom's idea of cookies is about double that. Sorry mom but it;'s true, you use SOOO many dishes when cooking. And most of your food is pretty good.

And my choice of tea for the cookie making is:

a silly brand-name thingy but still. I had fun drinking it... it was to stop me from snaking on the cookie dough... which had eggs in it, stupid salmonella poising! Why must you look so good but be so not nice?

Here's Blackie for Susie's shop. Great picture of him in his shirt!!!

--- --- ---

Anyways, Neil and I have been getting better. Since he got a job he's been SOO much better in his attitude and the way he's been treating me. I wasn't too happy with him for a bit, but thank God for our prayers being answered because now he's been happier. All the being-able-to-provide-for-woman attitude has made me rather happy. He took me to the movies! Well, I drove, but he paid for the movie, soda, and candy!!! ^_^ God things have changed for the best. Plus I'm working more hours and am saving up my money for s-con. Isn't it good?

OHOHOHOH!!! I walked about 2 miles on the tread mill the other day. I was watching When Harry Meet Sally while walking about .5 miles an hour but it was good.
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