Thursday, January 03, 2008


Here's me coming to you from a very snowy [surrounded] house. Yes, it's VERY snowy here.... it was sticking to me very bad.

I finally got a few pictures of the mug my wonderful nephews made for me. They painted it, but it's SO beautiful, Love it. I use it all the time.

This teapot and set is what my grandmother (on my mom's side) got me! Isn't it beautiful!? I only thought there was the teapot and two cups (plus saucers) but there is also a creamer and sugar holders! Isn't it beautiful? Best yet, Grandma said that I can put hot tea in there. The only way to brake it is to drop it she says.

My knitting is coming along... the pictures I took don't look like anything special so I'm going to wait till I'm done and then show it in better pictures. It was rather funny, I was visiting my friends and asked Marie if she could count it because I kept getting 109 (I need 110) stitches, but she kept loosing count, so we asked Cory... he said 99......... so I've been rather frustrated with it. But it's getting there.

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