Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knit Knews

I finally finished the kerchif scarf thingy. I am NEVER going to embroidery knitted things again... it was SOO hard. Here are some pictures of the gift and Cotton Candy modeling it... kinda.

I'm also starting up on my sock promise.... so far i"m confused till there's no tomorrow, but we'll see. I chose Knit Picks "Moc Croc Socks" So far It's too big, but I'm hoping it will shrink a bit once it's done... do you think it will?

Yesterday I was waiting for Neil to get ready for work, I thought he was right behind me but he was still downstairs getting ready. I was walking around the house knocking down those long dangerous icicles, and poked my eye good. Didn't hurt much after I got over the shock and cold pain, but still. I noted to myself to hit the icicles with my umbrella with a side swing.
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