Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Money money money. We're tightening out belts yet again. I had to get a new phone (the cheapest one I could get, it's $4 (US) after the mail-in rebate... but still. My old phone, though wonderful for the past two years, has bit the dust, you had to hold it only on the sides of the upper part of it when talking (if you even touched the bottom part of the flip phone it went to instant static), not to mention that it was terrible for the ear-pieces... Blah. SO if you know me personally and would like to be one of the few people to cal me first on my new phone, go for it! I hate calling others because I'm so worried that they are busy, or that they don't want to talk to me; even though often times I'm just "yelled" at for not calling them and they tell me to call them, I still feel like I'm going to interrupt something.

Anyways, I do have a great news! I finished my step-sisters john deer hat:

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