Sunday, September 14, 2008

Letters, Address books, and yogurt...

Recently there has been some mail heading my way, mostly birthday wishes, but if you know me you know that since there is nothing going on in my life that I won't really write back. For this I apologize. I will write each of you back, this I promise.

If you remember my Green Book of Doom, you know that it is chuck full of addresses... over 200 (I lost count after 187 so I"m just putting a number out there that I think it would be...) Now I'm on W, X, Y, & Zs... I have only 101 currently... just wait till I add the others! Not bad if I say so myself. Mostly it's cut down because I put all the vets/groomers/boardings under "Pets" and all the car care places I need numbers for under "Auto". Both of which are appropriate if I say so myself. I need to get those address tabs thingys for the GBoD... There is no way I'm using these beat-up, whited-out, ripped, tapped, scribbled, simply used pages again... if I can find address papers for the GBoD... Staples, Office Depot, and Target! HERE I COME!!!

And as for the yogurt... there was a sale on the yogurt I enjoy (Yoplait's Whips!). So I got the remaining four chocolate ones (extra yummy) and some strawberry and some raspberries. Those are the only ones I like. You know the yogurt with chunks of fruit in them? Those are gross I think. Whips! have a great texture (which I'm very picky about) and are still okay as far as bad calories and fats are concerned. So they're a win-win for me. ^_^
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