Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Worry or Not to Worry

Ahhhh! Dear readers, no worries, life is just majorly stressful. Energy is high, negative then positive, then REALLY out of wack.

Jenny is still here, and I think in a way, she needs to be. Not just for her, or me, or even mom, but for the WHOLE family. Minus Melissa because she can just drop down a deep hole and never be heard of again. I think that having Jenny here, being who she is (rather brash and amazingly farty, is that even a word? Farty? She could blow you away with her farts). I know that since she's been here I have had felt so happy, so worried, so excited, so down, so amazingly wonderful that she likes Neil and he likes her, possibly even loves her (though he won't use the word I honestly think he dose). She has brought a new added breath to the family that has been needed.

Last night the kid's parents went out to a birthday party (they had fun) and Jenny and I had fun with the kids. She had them brush their teeths after the showers I made them take, they got dressed, made their beds, cleaned their rooms, set out cloths for tomorrow, did ALL their homework, watched a TV show, cuddled, and they had one hell of a great time together! There were memorizes made. The kids enjoyed the time with their Aunt Jenny so much.

Hope that she is getting something out of this trip, because I know I am.

--- --- ---

Neil is amazing. I had a super stressed out night and didn't sleep until about 4 or 5 this morning, he just held me and listened to me cry, talk, laugh, giggle, and do some venting. Then he let me sleep in! After I woke up on my own (at about 8:30am) he asked me what I wanted most. I said strawberry waffles from Sandy's. Yes, I like their food, well some of it. So what dose he do? He calls them, too busy, so he WALKS down there, orders, and waits for the food. Spent like 40 minutes waiting. But he got it for me. Cream/whipped topping was separate so that the cream wouldn't make the waffle soggy. It was huge and yummy.

--- --- ---

As for crafts, dear readers, I have been working on her "arm chaps" that is a nice cotton/acrylic yarn that's like a 2 worse thing. It's charcoal type colored yarn. I love working with cotton stuff so it's been fun. I've been trying to get them done before she leaves but I don't think I'll be able to. 

I haven't finished the second "Primeval" wrist warmer thing, but I have been trying to write down the pattern to share it. It's on hold in my wood basket, that really needs to be repaired, there are holes so big the balls of yarn fall out. I love it though, the right size and everything. Any sewers that want to line it for me? I would greatly appreciate it!

--- --- ---

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