Sunday, October 24, 2010

#57 and #58

Project #57 is the wristwarmer pattern, "Primeval" is done! I have no more yarn! I tried to do the second one but made it too tight around the finger-entry-top-ish part so I tried to cut some of the decorative parts to loosen it up just a little, ended up cutting the wrong one and made it stretch out too much.


So... I undid it all and used the yarn to make a swatch, or as I call it my "car dust rag". I needed a new one since my blue one is missing. There wasn't enough yarn to make the second wristwarmer so I just made a little square and crochet around the edges. Classifying it as a project since I did a lace pattern with the whole crochet thing, I don't crochet at all so it was interesting. NYRP #58


I want to try new things! 
Time is wasting away!
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