Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cold Season

AHHH! Cold season is here and has claimed me for a victim! I request justice! Wait a minute- Neil already avenged me. He's so sweet! Not only did he get me airborn, cold meds, and major support at night when I can't breath and needed to find the pillow (to prop me up), he also found me STRAWBERRY halls! I only know of one place we can find them, at my former work place!

Now on to what matters. KNITTING!!! While watching the first season of "Supernatural" (checked out at the library) I finished up my sisters "arm chaps"! Neil sent it off in the mail along with her charger. I hope to have picture(s) from my sister with them on, keep your fingers crossed!

Also... watching "Supernatural" and the second season of "Criminal Minds" I have been working on various other knitting projects while watching them. Keep you posted!
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