Friday, October 08, 2010

Dark 2.0 No Crafts

Fortune for me that I am ignorant to most things around me. The small things seem to be the ones that I catch, just as they fall to the floor. The tiny little things that are meant to be left there, pushed away till it's time to sweep them all up into a dust pan and dealt with as a mass.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not stupid, or maybe I am. If I am I am ignorant to the knowledge of otherwise. There have always been people that wanted and still do want, to protect me. I have this, innocence, or purity, like that of the meaning of my name. I tell otherwise, try to leave them with a sly-eye as if to say ‘is that so?’ Who knows to what they think afterwords. I’m just a 24 year old female that is mentally ill.

{too dark to leave on the blog}

Told you it would be dark. If you actually read it all, I wonder what my reader stats would be. More? Less? No different? Do I even HAVE readers?
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