Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Second Dinner

The second dinner I have made since Dave has gone down to CA to go to school is a complete failure.

I made my "chicken bake thing", it's more like a cassarole. I took boneless, skinless chicken breast and fried it ever so slightly in a pan. While that was going on I made some white rice, combined it (cooked) with three cans cream-o'-mushroom soup, about 1/2 cup milk, and nearly 1lb of frozen mixed veggies.

I coated the cassarole dish with foil (easy clean up) lared the bottom with a layer of the rice mix, layed the chicken on top of that (don't overlap) then poured the rest of the rice mix on to it.

Cover with foil, cook at 400 degrees for at least 1 hour. I did mine at 45 minutes, the recipe says so, and while the chicken looked cooked, it was just barley cooked. They took the chicken out and cooked it longer in the microwave. Please make sure yours is cooked.

The kids ate it but didn't like it, parent's ate it but you could tell they didn't like it. Megan even said "Mommy, this is gross." So I'm the only one that liked it (aside from the chicken part, I just like the rice mix, don't know why but I do).

I hate chicken. I blame this whole disaster on the migraine fairy. Her and Drew's Cancer.
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