Saturday, January 08, 2011


Coming on the 11th my brother will be leaving to go to school down in California. Now while this is a great opportunity for him, it means I will be left with a great responsibility of cooking for the family... and taking care of the kids more so then I'm doing now.

I'm thinking of documenting dinners each night on this blog to show the adventures of cooking for a BIG family. Since I haven't cooked for big families before this will be a rather big deal. Recipes, budget, and of course, reactions to the meals themselves. I have a couple of ideas, like Friday Night Pizza Night (used to do that with my other dad, the one in CA who's house burnt down). Another is having Mix-It-Up Monday's where a kid gets to choose what they want (i.e. grilled cheese with tomato soup, or sloppy joes).

Any ideas are welcome. Advice on how to handle meals for kids is especially needed. Please help!
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