Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Not Ignoring You, I Swear!

Honestly I'm not. Migraine was kicking my ass so doing dinner stuff and basic functions was taking all my energy up. (finally had to go in and get a shot, second visit is tomorrow)

Third Dinner was meatloaf (rather good I thought). Fourth Dinner was pizza! We didn't time the cooking between the pizzas right so there was a rather long waiting period, but we were all fed well. Fifth dinner was my mom's creation of mixed leftover veggies (some from the other nights and some from partially used frozen bags in freezers), and some baked chicken. So it was good.

Tonight I have NO idea what mom is cooking, but she's doing the dirty work. I get to watch the kids and do the dishes... but I'm going to TRY and tackle some of a C.E. today. Headache, but I'm going to try non-the-less.

Knitted dad in CA a hat, and completely winged it... I think it doesn't look that great but it's really warm and thick.
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