Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The First Dinner

Already the obstacles have started! See, I came home, with the head hurting and all that jazz and didn't think of dinner till about 1pm. So I made a mad rush to the pantry where I found hamburger helper (family favorite). Thinking I could get mom to stop by the store on her way home from work to get non-frozen ground beef wouldn't be an issue. Sadly, it didn't work that way, she forgot to call me back after her meeting and came home. Finding non-frozen ground beef in this house is like finding a specific sock from the kids sock drawer; while not impossible, it is highly improbable.

We did find a 3lb tube of ground beef tucked away in the freezer, god only knows when we got that thing, but it's still good. It takes a few more minutes in the microwave to thaw after a few minutes in near-boiling hot water from our hot water tap thingy.
Overall a very good success! The kids ate, the adults ate, the pets ate. The corn and hamburger helper are both gone! No leftovers! Talk about a boost to my self-esteem!

Everything turned out pretty damn good if I say so myself.
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