Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Go

After making pretty damn good fajitas last night for dinner (mom's idea, my cooking), I have decided to give my chicken/rice/casserole dish-thing another go. I'll probably alter the recipe a LOT and really get annoyed with it and end up crying. As long as I give it a try I should feel better about last time and finally be able to let it go.

Migraine continues to linger, causing much grief to everyone in the household sadly.

Good news though! Step-sister has finally moved out. Wish she wanted to get help and actually do what she promised and said about turning her life around, but she didn't and was a bitch, disrespectful, thief, dangerous, greedy, bitchy, gross, and above all a disappointment. I am sorry to say things turned out the way they did, but she is out of the house.
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