Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hamburger Helper and Chair

Since my head has been a bitch and wont leave me alone, mom has been a saint. Not only have she and Neil been looking after the kids while I take it easy, she also has been making dinners.

Not tonight.

Tonight was my night. I didn't know till 2:03pm that I was to do dinner, and seeings how I've had this damn head be a bitch all day I did the only thing I could think of. Like a heavenly light, the pantry lite up when I flipped the switch and angels sung (damn TV). Lo and behold there it was, Cheesy Backed Potato Hamburger Helper. Frozen broccoli from the freezer (coupons from the other day, knew getting them would come in handy!). And you have a meal to please a family.

Given that it was a success, give me my props, I have only one thing on the brain now, where can I find a good computer chair? I suffer from migraines and am thinking that a good computer chair may be a good weapon ageist(sp?) it in this war.
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