Monday, January 28, 2013


So, as of late my leg and back have been hurting so badly that I have been unable to eat or keep much down. Yup, I"m complaining, but it's not only about complaining this time, but it's mostly complaining.

I FINALLY got some painkillers... never seeing that doctor again. And I took one... BLISS. I got to eat something that didn't kill me. Most of my nausea went away. I could stand without dieing. All because of the damn temperature. It even isn't the coldest winter! It's been in the lower 30s high 20s this time. What is my body doing!?

Okay, enough about that. Onto books. Yah! I finished... wait for it, I have to look.

The first book is "In Bed with a Highlander" by Maya Banks. This was a smut novel for Vaginal Fantasy Book Club. It was a great smut novel. Action, romance... sexy times. Oh yes, I approve.

Now the second book is a manga so I"m not really sure if it should be counted as a book, so I'm thinking of making my books for this year to be 50 instead of 33. I think I can still pull it off. What do you think? Anyways this manga is based of the book of the same title, I own it in hard copy and love it. "Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices: Manga #1)" by Cassandra Clare (Author) and Kyekyung Baek (Illustrator). The are awesome. It was an easy read and kept pretty much strictly to the book. Again, I approve!

So overall- got pain meds for the god awful not-really-that-cold-but-for-some-reason-it's-killing-me cold winter, two more books read, and it's a wrap for this post! Talk to you guys later!
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