Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stare Down

Jack (Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Lex's male dog) is having a stare down with Isabelle (not Isabella, just Isabelle). Aren't they cute? We wished so badly that she had her front claws because it would teach both Jack (keep spelling it "Jake" and not "Jack") and Jill not to mess with them if they don't want to play. They kept trying to chase her and play but she's such a princess that she didn't want to and hissed and batted at them. One got her a bit ruff and tore off some fur, she's okay.


Now for my NYRP #51 - a stuffed bunny

This is my first stuffed toy and I wanted to do a bunny. See how it looks next to the picture of what it's suppose to look like? It's flimsy but loved by Lauren and named "Tina".


Here is the bottom of Tina's feet. 


They're round! Isn't that neat? 

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