Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blue Pill

The past two days I have been feeling icky, as a result I have not really wanted to do anything with my crafts. For that keeping tabs on the NYRPs, I apologize.

For some reason I have been getting really emotional, my mind crazy, turns out I missed a weeks worth of a certain medicine I need... how this happens we have no idea. It's a bright blue pill too! One solid week of all the others, but that one. Explains all the crazy if it makes you feel better.


As for the latest NYRP, the pillow I'm making for the rock band I like, yah, I'm having even more issues with the pattern! No worries, I'm getting it and am working on it. But also working on a mindless project (counting it!) to work on while I'm watching a show and feeling ill.

PS - My eye, all natural.
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