Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bathroom Exchange

Well well well. It's that time of year where people start to move things about. Hopefully this one will result in the kicking-out of the stupid-step-sister. I got my bathroom back. Smaller in size then the laundry/bathroom/pool shower/pantry/extra toilet room but it makes up for in privacy. That's right. No more random people popping in while you're trying to have a moments peace to pee. If now feels like we're living in a home/place. I have been feeling like Neil and I have been forced to be in a uber small apartment place where everything's different then the American typical stuff. What I'm saying is there are places that you rent out the rooms, with other rooms people rent, the bathroom is down the hall for all renters to use.

So to recap, we've  moved into my old bathroom (that I was using while I've lived with my parents, before I moved out with Neil. Still didn't get it before when we came back. So this place has never felt like home. Home is where Neil, Sammy, and I are. Good god, we need to get married, get better jobs/move out.

As Charlie Brown would say: Ugh!
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