Saturday, March 13, 2010


Lets see, project #16 is almost done. It's long enough but still has some yarn left.

Project #17 was a pair of Megan's jeans that had a split in them, I hadn't worked on jeans before so I'm counting that as a project. I did fun colors so she would know her Aunty loves her! I used a zig-zag pattern (like on project #18) to connect both sides of the split; it seems to have worked out rather well since they didn't tear apart when I tugged at the pants when I was done, well that and Megan has yet to say anything about the split coming out again.

Project #18 was a pair of underwear that needed to be hemmed... I have NEVER worked with stretchy fabric before and found it rather troublesome. There was no stretchy thread to use so I used regular white thread. First I searched online for hits on how to sew stretchy fabric and found out that using a zig-zag type pattern helps, so that's what I did. They stretch a bit, but look rather funny... like they were stretched out too far and wont go back to their previous form.

Project #19 is the calico sock I"m working on... I had to undo ALL of what I worked on yesterday last night because I dropped a stitch! I did the heel, turned the heel, and started on the gusset. So not fair.
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