Wednesday, March 17, 2010

19, 20, 21

As you may already know, the wooden bamboo knitting needles I used for the calico (NYRP#19) socks broke, leaving me only 4. Well mom has 4 of the size US2 needed for the project so I decided to "barrow" them. The sock is now coming along, hopefully the curse has lifted and I will be able to finish it up and start on it's pair.


As for NYRP# 20, it will be a pair of extra-long wrist warmers for Lauren (hot pink, cotton fibers). They will be awesome! She wants them to be long enough to go up to her elbow, which is like 7inches.

Now NYRP#21 is going to be a corduroy(sp?) military style jacket, that was Lauren's and will become Megan's when I'm done putting some buttons on it, sewing up some holes, and some other small things (loose threads, broken embroidery pattern, and so on). That I think is a good project and not pushing it like the pants I mended. This will be my first time working with buttons on corduroy!!! I've only worked with sewing corduroy once before and that was MANY years ago for a scrap dress I made.

Side note: I need to find where I can get those cheep pad's of paper that are mouse pads... I found them at Joanne Fabrics, but couldn't find them last time I was there. Maybe the Dollar Tree?
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