Thursday, March 04, 2010


Miss Lauren starts ballet class next week!

I would love to have the job of blogging... would anyone pay for a blogger? Seriously, I would perfect my writing skills and come up with as many interesting topics if I could just get a paying job. Ugh, jobs. Con is coming up and I'm hoping Trinket (hint hint) will find me more things to do since it's becoming crunch time. And since Con *IS* coming up, I've been using this opportunity to build up my stamina (with my leg/back).

How can someone learn to put their foot in their mouth more often? I just think it and before I can think about it, it escapes my lips and enters the air, forever hanging there, unable to take it back.

Also, NYRP #17 was a pair of Megan's pants that needed to be mended... I know it's splitting hairs but I've never done it on jeans AND on a seam, my first seam really, *and* I used yellow and pink, like, NEON yellow and pink. I'm counting it so there!
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