Friday, March 12, 2010


It's my new favorite movie! Okay, it's in my top 10 now, along with 2012. So we went out and got it! It's just a regular one, there is no special edition to purchase, but I'm so excited anyways!!! (Not going to watch it again till I'm done with Trinity Blood) Totally adore Hatter's character... I love the ending!!! Andrew Lee Potts is amazingly handsome anyways. (Also adore his character in the series Primeval which I also want to get, it's starting it's fourth season soon!) I very much love the characters he play, doesn't hurt that he's incredible good looking!

Below are the links to the wikipedia site to help explain it more if you wish! Locals, I'd be more then willing to let anyone barrow it (as long as there is a promise to bring it back safely), email me if you wish to watch it!
Link to Alice
Link to 2012
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