Tuesday, November 02, 2010


In case you readers didn't know, I am bi-polar. Big shocker, I know. So for that I apologize for the rants and moody-swingy posts.

Now on to the good stuff! Crafts. Another big shock, probably not going to make my "New Years Resolution Projects 100" deadline. I"m going to still try though, to see how far I truly can get.

Project #60

Project #60 seems to be the funnest one yet! 90 plus small individual leaves sewn together to make a scarf. I love scarfs (spelling?) so it leads to the project #61

Project #61

Close up of Project #61

So yah, I'll post the patterns up when I take the final pictures for those who like the patterns.

Third shock to... well... shock you with: I'm on the up-side of the bi-polar swing, the posts will be more positive! Yah!
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