Thursday, November 11, 2010

Possessed Chair

I have concluded that my chair is possessed. I sit in it, without my legs touching anything, it will spin around, counter-clock-wise. And squeak. How do you make a plastic chair thingy stop making that noise? Maybe that's why it's possessed! It's always done this, maybe that's why Dan found it in the dumpster! I mean, who wants a haunted chair.

So while I have amazing fun (kidding) looking for a job, I also have fun (not kidding) watching my shows, most available threw the public library, while knitting. Wow. Big surprise, I like to knit and watch TV. Isn't life grand?

Missing my sister. Oh how I wish I could be closer to her. I wish I could be closer to all my family. Wish I was able to BE closer to my friends. Why is it I seem to be more and more a hermit? Noticed that of late. Now that I'm better I don't seem to be getting out at all. Screwed up a lot of friendships because of being in pain for so long. Now it's time to repair the friendships that are worth it (aka friends that didn't abandon me because of the injury, but rather let me heal while they were just out of site and still there). Suggestions? Always open for opinions!

And on to the the latest medical mystery... when will it stop!? I'm only 24 and how they think I have a stomach ulcer?! It's not positive, so there is a chance of it not being what the doc says she thinks it is. It could be the possessed chair... it's trying to tell me something but comes out as icky things. Maybe it really wants to be reupholstered (spelling?)... a new adventure!
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