Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project #60

The funnest project yet! Leaves are so awesome!

Pattern that I got from

Now all the leafs. What is the plural for 'leaf' anyways?

There are about 100 individual leaves, and I have to say, annoying to sew together! Lisa suggested that I use fabric (like a velvet, burgundy I was hoping) on the back, it would have been better, sadly I don't have money to spend on that. Someday I'll attempt this project again and use the fabric on the back, maybe it will be more... secure... I feel like it's not strong enough, sure it will hold the way it is, but I like things to be sturdy and reinforced. Strong. Stable.

--- --- ---

Still searching for a way to see all the current season's episodes of "Supernatural". Anyone know how I can do that? I like watching things in order, it's an OCD thing.
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