Friday, February 05, 2010


What more can you say when life seems to get you down? There are NO jobs avalabile, especially to me it seems. I want to get on with life!

My honey seems to think I should start a business selling my knittings and crafts online. For one, where is the market? And two, they're not good enough to be put up there! Esty sounds like a great place, but would there be any buyers? Sure I would absolutely LOVE to work at home, knitting (watching anime and various TV shows and other movies), and other crafty things, but would that be enough to make a living?

I wish this migraine would go away, but then again, what do I have to do that's so important in order for it to leave?

Wish there was a way to get my book up and running as well. Ugh! We need to get out of here before I kill something (rather someONE).
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