Monday, February 15, 2010


 For Valentines Day we made sugar-free brownies and cut them into heart shaped (cookie cutters), dipped them in melted chocolate, and then covered them with sprinkles. SO GOOD! Mine is below.
Next we used foam stickers for the little paper tab thingy on teabags.  Just for fun!
We stuffed them in the freezer to harden up for the delivery! Covered them with seran-wrap. The envelopes have Valentines and teabags in them.

The girls had fun with the other project, a giant chocolate chip cookie with pink frosting!
So the sugar-free brownies are NYRP#12, the teabags #13, and the giant cookie #14! I'm working on #11, it's another bag! #15 will be giant jello molds!
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