Friday, December 03, 2010


My appendix has been giving me troubles for the past like six weeks. Didn't know it was my appendix until two days ago!

So it's out and I have three fairly small incisions. Not only did I get out of cleaning the cat boxes for two weeks, I get out of decorating the house for the christmas holiday!

Going back to my appendix. It is out and I am feeling totally better! For about six weeks I was unable to poop... and had bad pains in my stomach and side. There was no fever so when the REALLY sharp pains started (in the middle of the movie we were watching in theaters "Tangled") and that's when the throwing up and water coming out of a place it really should be solid... gross I know. So after a few hours, Neil called the ER room and talked to a Dr there. He didn't see any reason (over the phone keep in mind) that I would need to come in. He told me to take some tums, careful with tylenol, and to try and drink water or 7up. I couldn't get a sip of water down without gaging.

After an all night event and till morning, we got an appointment with my regular physician where he took blood test, urine, xrays, and later a CatScan since he couldn't figure out why, and obvious the pain was real. I have to say my doc is AWESOME! He didn't give up and believed me that the pain wasn't in my head (which means so much to me). It was obvious it was real, but it still means a lot to me.

Neil stayed with me the entire time and made sure I was getting a nap in the room before the Dr came in and said, you have to go NOW to the hospital to get your appendix out. If we couldn't get a ride, I'd have to ride in an ambulance. Since I have no job, we called dad (ambulance is expensive) and he came and took us to the hospital! Since our hospital in this town isn't that big we had to travel about 25 miles. Got into the ER and they pushed me into the surgery room within 30 minutes.

Out and good. I am okay! We're all okay! Just taking it slow and trying to get back to doing projects. I really can't make my deadline, but I still want to see how far I can go!

Also, my dad in CA's house burned down and lost everything. Dose anyone know of a good printer/scanner I can get to make copies of all the photos I have to help his collection grow a bit? Loosing all the fire, ALL the family photos.
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