Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just an Update

Well, life on this end of the internet is still uneventful. There are little kids screaming and snowmen melting. Such is life.

After much thought in the past day or two I have decided to not use Trillian because it makes no sense on how it works! Yoono on the other hand is so much easier for me to understand.

In the title of this post, is "an" suppose to be capitalized?

A job is needed for my sanity.

  • I need used toothbrushes for a project of mine. 
  • Spare/lost/unknown-use keys would be great for my key-fish I would like to finish this year. 
  • Old clip-on earrings would be greatly appreciated as well, I would like them for a different project; only if you can part with them and they are okay to take apart and such.
  • Misc. junk yarn, can be only a little bit left from a previous project or ugly yarn.
  • Old wooden boxes (with lids) that can be painted over/finished/glued/basically redone.
  • Old cassette tapes, they don't need to even be able to play music.
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