Monday, June 15, 2009


Twitter has captured my attention. Since I've been waiting by the computer constantly in between taking photos of the kids, knitting, reading, and making tea- where was I? Oh yes, I've taken up Twitter interests because of computer bound emails telling me about wither or not I got the job or if my attorney emails me back about the latest of getting money from the man who hit us. UGH! Frustrating all that is, but a friend is going threw things and taking it out on us.

Anyways, back to the twitter thingy. I like it becuase I can subscribe to others posts and my two non-personal favortie posters are NPR and The Onion. Now I'm excited to read the news more instead of hitting the Yahoo! site and seeing what the posted on there. I like the simplicity of the twitter posts.

I'm still afraid of birds and wished that Twitter was named something else, even though it wouln't make sense otherwise.
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