Monday, June 22, 2009

Library Card

I have come to realize that the "newly established" library card has brought into my life new reading, and entertainment, possibilities. Any books to recommend my way? Please give me some opinions! And by the way, the library card was gotten in 2002... so it's really "new".

Now it's cheaper to ride the bus to my chiropractor appointment then to drive, it used to be cheaper the other way around.

Sammy has decided that since his daddy, my honey, got up the past couple of days at 5:15am that he will play with me and wake me up, pissed that daddy got up and disturbed *HIS* sleep. He sleeps all day! I go and hunt him down, drag him out from his sleeping bag (under the bed, my side) and smuther him with loves. Alas, this does not help. He still is determined to get back at us for his sleep disturbances.
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