Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunscreen and Chips

It has been awesome! I love having family close. I really hope I can visit them at their homes, though that would be inviting myself wouldn't it? They are such good people. I just want us to be a part of each others lives.

The kids are amazing. They are just perfect! Annoying and disobedient but still wonderful. Would we have it any other way? Sure they're ours but they are pretty good looking kids. They are! They all have sunscreen on and are eating chips- so adorable! They are all wet, even the one that almost drowned yesterday. We're so happy he got back into the water so he wont be afraid of it. He is okay, just swallowed too much water and had to have it beat out of him. That sounds a lot more violent then what it was. I had NO idea what happened till today. Does that make me a bad Aunt/Cousin? I feel so terrible. Cousin K's son. She's so gorgeous! Very jealous. Also I think Cousin J's wife (also cousin J) lost some weight since I saw her last. I should tell her but she's just now opening up to me so I don't want to get on personal subjects just yet. She is such a beautiful woman too.

Cousins will be leaving today and the rest tomorrow (including mom and dad). They will be missed. It will be one empty house, well almost. The three kids will still be here, but without the other three kids it will seem like half of them are missing. Half is true- 3 and 3. I should be out there with them, but walking around town all day has taken it out of me again. So many people's energies it gets to me. Plus my leg is hurting (back too, but not as much). Not nearly as bad as before though. Just thought I should clarify that.
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