Thursday, March 12, 2015


I LIVE!!!!

I have pretty much healed up from the mild case of bronchitis. I had cough medicine, antibiotics, and orange phlegm... yah, orange.

This icky sickness has not been fun. Coughing till I couldn't breath, taking steamy showers to loosen up the stuff that was in my chest, coughing said stuff up in said shower, and then taking cough medicine to sleep at night, only to wake up coughing.

But is anyone else kinda concerned about the ORANGE part? Don't know why it bugs me so, but it dose. It's not orange anymore. If I do cough anything up, it's usually so tiny and either clear or white-ish.

Okay, okay, got the gross stuff out of the way.

Sebastian has been such a lover for this, but now he knows how to say "hello". We blame Shay of course, it's something werid, and it's kinda how she says it. It's only when he's trying to find someone. So odd right? So far can't get it on video, but I"ll never stop trying.

OH! We have a new fishy! His name is Russel. For you Disney fans, can you guess what film their names come from? Karl is the beta fish, and Russel is the tiny new guy who Karl doesn't like in his house.

We don't know if we're going to get another Russel so that there are more of them in there or not, but we'll keep you posted if we add a Doug or not.
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