Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fun Times

As many of you may NOT know, I am in love with the Disney Princess Little Kingdom MagiClip dolls. This doesn't mean I"m strictly an only nice kinda gal. Let me show you:

See? My friend Shay and I did this, it was just for fun. No dolls were actually hurt in the making of this picture. Since I'm Belle, our friend Stormy is Ariel, and Shay is Rapunzel; Shay sent the text with the picture to our friend Stormy: "Why do you want to sacrifice me!"

This has been meant with nothing but laughter. This is not meant to be a disrespect towards Disney in any way shape or form.

That being said, guess who added more fishes to their new tank???? So we have the beta, Karl, and the one tetra, Russel, now we added Dug and Kevin, two more tetras!

Now if you are familiar with the Disney/Pixar movie UP you'll understand their names.

Happy posting!
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