Sunday, February 08, 2015

New Year, News Feeds

Oh my goodness. I finally figured out that I have no more bloglines.... what the fuck!? When did they go away... oh at the beginning of the year.

I feel like an idiot!!! So now I need to find a new newsfeeds type website to put all my websites I like to get updates on. Geez. Not what I needed today.

Things have changed a lot this year. We have our friend Stormy and her son and 3 pound Yorkie staying with us a few days a week while her husband is off at school. It is scary staying home alone. I understand that, but it's also stressful having her here. I've been getting more migraines tho. Kinda worried.

On one hand I want to be there for one of our best friends, but on the other I'm getting more migraines from the 4 year old and best-y. I also have my other friend Shay getting in on this with her opinions, which are good, but it's not helping with my stress at all.

Neil and I are trying to do good here. Helping with a car, getting a mattress, having them stay... Why can't people just like that? The lady at the mattress store loved it.
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