Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Mom has decided that she's going to have a family reunion at her house this coming month. While I think it's great, and can't wait, I also wonder if she's just doing it to show off their amazing house. They have a lot to show off, they did great with it, and somehow made it a home that makes me *feel* like I'm home. Is it odd that even tho I don't live there, it feels more home to me than were I currently am?

We've been looking into purchasing a house, which is super excited and terrifying. We need one with extremely low maintenance. I want to be closer to where my parents are, closer to Neil's work, and my doctors. So why not move? 

The heat is making my migraines worse. So it's a struggle to get the guys to turn it on and keep it cool. The A/C isn't very nice, and needs to be monitored while it's on, at all items. It's crazy. But we did get new meds, or rather *I* got new meds for migraine prevention nasal spray, called ZOMIG. Tho it sounds like when people say ZOMG.

Any comments welcome. :)
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