Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sakura-Con 2013

Yup. Last weekend was con and it was good.

This year we took miss Lauren with us. Two days before con my brother and sister-in-law sprung it on me and I wasn't really in a position to say no. I'm glade she came, she did have some fun. I feel bad because I worked during, but I did my best to do fun things. She's already planning next year and Neil and I haven't even agreed to it yet.

It was one of our smoothest running cons this year, so I'm very pleased. Blood drive did rather well this year, hoping to do better next year.

I'm still struggling with staying as assistant public relations manager or going on to volunteer manager.... *sigh* I love my current position so much, but am I doing a well enough job to be staying in it?
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