Friday, April 12, 2013

Physical Therapy and Movie

Well welll welllll.... I'm back at physical therapy. Don't get me wrong, I'm glade to be doing *something* to improve it. See, I've been experiencing leg/back pain (new pain) since January that has stopped me from doing a LOT of things. Had the MRI, X-Rays.... nothing, which is good in a way. I just wish SOMETHING would show up so it can be fixed and be done with it. Something cute was said today by my physical therapist, we got on talking about magic wands and curing people, she said I'd be at the top of her list (like top 10) to get used on by the wand because all my symptoms are different and vary and make no sense. She did give me this bandage to use for when I go for walks (which she wants me to start up again, get things trying again) that will help me walk- fingers crossed it works.

So that's the good news and bad news.

I saw "The Host" in movie theaters and it was AWESOME!!!! It was surprisingly close to the book. I stayed till the end of the credits and there was nothing. It's a movie I'll see again and again, if not own. After I read a couple of books on my list I'll be reading the book the movie's based of off again. It's so awesome.

Writing my report for Con is proving to be difficult. Mostly because I start it and then toss it. only to start again. I can't get it right. I need a push- someone please!

Also... can anyone help me make these two things?

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