Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Diffrence

Surprisingly the botox has helped. Or so I feel it has. Enough to make a difference. I have still gotten a couple of migraines since the injections but it would seem they are helping.

Enough about silly migraines and headaches (yes there is a difference). I have decided to come clean about something... *deep breath* I'm addicted to pretty much anything that Felicia Day dose. I'm constantly on her youtube channel, fan of hers on the tv shows, and yah, well... I"m a fan girl. Whew, glad to get that off my chest. Oh, here's a link to her wikipedia site.

Since my baby bootys seem to be far too big for new borns, I need to find different patterns or a whole new project for li'l bitty babies... mine seem to be super sized infants. I know we have a problem with obese children, but seriously, I need a pattern for smaller feet here. I guess I'm doomed for another project that probably will be for hefty babies too. Ugh!

Over all, feeling a difference with the botox (I think anyways), and looking for a difference with the whole knitting baby small things.
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