Tuesday, October 04, 2011


MY SOCK IS MISSING!!! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for it! I have started school and now can't look for it. There are only so many places a sock in progresses can hide. Seriously, where in the world is it? Could I have left it at the convention center?! Oh shit. I just thought of that... I think that's the last place I had it. T_T This is terrible. The yarn shop where I got the yarn for the socks is no longer in business (sad panda) so I only have one sock of one color. I need to find that other sock that's half done.

School has started. >_< It's been... fun. Yah, lets go with fun. We all know it was going to be stressful going in, so it's not a surprise to know there's stress. I have to say that it's really fun too. The bags are heavy and killing my back and my hips are bugging me a bit, but the walking around is good exercise (sp?)! Quarters, I need more quarters for parking. Or a parking pass. If money wasn't tight I would get one and save my back from harsh wakings with heavy bags. Seriously, terrible terrible pains. My body is protesting violently, at times I feel like throwing up along the way to my car the pain is so bad. I make stops along the way to rest but that only seems to make it worse. Either way I need to get something figured out.

There be no progress pictures up of my sock because it's MISSING and there is no picture of anything new because school has started and my time is very limited. Well, that and I have no idea what I should do next, I'm open to new ideas. Send them my way! A new scarf, baby booties (oh yeah, I need to make a pair of those), a canoe, anything you can think of that is within reason, wrist warmers, a mini cloud... keep those creative ideas open!
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