Sunday, March 27, 2011


The downstairs (basement) is completely flooded. Mom always said she wanted an indoor pool! Seriously, she wont shut up about it.

There is a new spring that has come up threw the floor. Yup. We have a fresh water spring. My theory is because of the nasty earthquakes and tsunami happening, somehow we got an aftershock of some sorts aaaallllllllll the way over here. That and the super moon. Combined - BAM! New spring flooding our basement with fresh healthy water (contaminated by concrete and various items such as dry way and wood and clothing and carpet it becomes icky).

The kids are forced into the living room, where our christmas took place this last year. It's not the most comfortable, but the kids are surprisingly making it work. There are of course ups and downs because of such a drastic and sudden change, but they're kids.

The parents are in the guest bedroom which has turned into their family/TV/everyone's bedroom. The picture is of the living room, not the quest bedroom. Lisa (mom to the kids) was playing the video game as the kids were suppose to be asleep. They are SO spoiled! :) It's great. They were like 15 minutes late to their bedtime, but it was worth it. The reason behind the picture (more on facebook) is to share with Lisa's mom. I must take more pictures of the kids for her. After all they don't live that close anymore and need to be linked as much as they can!

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The terror alert in the house has been at an orange. Stress wise that is. So much stress goes alone with this flood. Has anyone else been flooded before? Who do you call afterwords? What do you do after the new spring has flooded it's last flood and is done, or rather, how do you stop this natural accurance? Can you even stop something like this?

Keep me posted tweeps, and I'll try to keep you entertained! Oh yes, one more sock done! Used up the last of the green.

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